Enjoy the CANYONING with your family or friends in the Pyrenees, an adventure activity that you will never forget.

Canyoning is an activity that consists of progressing through a canyon, whether jumping, swimming, walking, diving or rappelling, being able to make a very varied route.
Depending the season, we chose the perfect canyon for you.  Natural pools, water slides, natural waterfalls, jumps, or, also,  dry canyons with more rappels and spectacular rock formations that have been forged between sinuous gorges.

With SB Canyoning you can enjoy this adventure activity with the maximum safety, with the supervision of the descent by qualified professional guides.

We make ravines a la carte; throughout the Catalan Pyrenees, Pre-Pyrenees, French Cerdanya and we also organize scheduled trips to the Sierra de Guara (Huesca).


Pax   Price  
2 to 4 45€
More than 5 40€

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The ravines that we work the most:

The ravines that we work the most:

Alt Urgell: Bòixols, Font Bordonera, Perles or Sant Pons, Gavarra, Aubaga Negra, La Vansa and Fontanell
La Noguera: Forat del Bulí
Pallars: Gurb, Infern, Sant Pere
Cerdanya: Llech, Gorgues de Núria
Sierra de Guara: Formiga, Vero, Peonera, Oscuros de Balcés, Gorgas Negras, Superior Mascún


We make ravines of all levels, depending on the physical condition and experience in canyoning of our clients.
The minimum age for this activity is 9 years for the practice of canyoning, and 7 for water trekkings.

Frequent questions

What material do I need to practice canyoning?

SB Canyoning provides the necessary material to practice canyoning:

  • Helmet
  • Complete wedsuit: pants and jacket (5mm) and booties (3 mm)
  • Safety harness
  • Carabiner and descender
  • Ropes and other safety material
  • Raincoat backpacks and waterproof drum
    (included in the price)

Other material that you need for the descent:

  • Sport shoes or mountain boot (think it will get wet)
  • Replacement footwear
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Those who wear glasses should tie them with a small
    cord or in the best case go without them (use contact lenses)
    (Not included in the price)
What services are included in the price of the activity?
The price of the activity includes:

  • Guided by a qualified guide
  • Health and assistance insurance
  • Rental of canyoning material
  • Drinks at the end of the ravine
  • Photo report
What is the reservation and cancellation policy?
The reservation policy is as follows:

To make the reservation effective, it is necessary to pay 30% of the total price of the reservation, as a down payment.

We will proceed to the return of the payment and signal, in full, in case of extreme weather that does not allow the development of the planned activities, or making the cancellation in a period of 10 days before the scheduled date to carry out the activity.

50% of the payment will be paid by canceling the activity in a period of 7 days before its realization.

Pay and signal will not be paid if the cancellation of the activity was made during the same week in which the contracted activity was to be carried out.