Excursions on foot and with snowshoes

Snowshoes allow us to move easily through the snow, so we can discover landscapes of great beauty, in an easy, fun and accessible to most people.

Alt Urgell is a region that has a variety of routes, most of them signposted, lots of trails PR and GR, and endless possibilities. For this reason, we recommend that you take the trips with a professional guide, to ensure that safe routes are made and without danger of avalanches or losses.

The amount of snow fall, the weather and the group level will determine the type of route we offer. The activities will be given to each group according to the experience, level and interests of our clients.

We organize excursions on foot and with snowshoes adapted to your needs; The duration and difficulty of each route are always determined according to the experience and physical condition of the participants. This activity is also always carried out with qualified and qualified professionals.

Excursions on foot and with snowshoes:

  • 2-3 hours. Alt Urgell area, Cerdanya and Andorra
  • 1 to 5 days. Alt Urgell area, Cerdanya and Andorra.
  • Night excursions

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Frequent questions:

Staff that you need to practice snowshoeing

If the customer does not have snowshoes, there is the possibility of renting (winter excursions).

  • Warm clothes
  • Waterproof pants
  • Leggings (in case there is a lot of snow)
  • Small backpack
  • Water
  • Sunscreen

1 day long excursion: Sport shoes or mountain boots, comfortable and warm clothing, small backpack, waterproof (use
in case of rain), camera, lunch picnic, plenty of water and sunscreen.

More than one day long excursion: The guide will be consulted previously, according to the typology of the route, the climatology, … the

Reservation and cancell policy

The reservation policy is as follows:

To make the reservation effective, it is necessary to pay 30% of the total price of the reservation, as a down payment.

We will proceed to the return of the payment and signal, in full, in case of extreme weather that does not allow the development of the planned activities, or making the cancellation in a period of 10 days before the scheduled date to carry out the activity.

50% of the payment will be paid by canceling the activity in a period of 7 days before its realization.

Pay and signal will not be paid if the cancellation of the activity was made during the same week in which the contracted activity was to be carried out.

To book a Picnic

SB Canyoning allows the possibility of reserving a Picnic.

We provide two types of menu to take during the excursions:

Basic menu: sandwich of country sausage + water + fruit (€ 7)
DOP menu: Menu based on DOP products of the area. Tasting of cheeses and sausages of the Pyrenees accompanied by bread of firewood + wine + fruit (€ 15).