We create experiences

SB Canyoning is a young and familiar company, dedicated to guiding various mountain sport activities, especially canyoning and the formation of alpine skiing. We also offer guided excursions, hiking and snowshoe excursions, and we manage Arfa Tirolines and Multi-Adventure Park, just 4km from La Seu d’Urgell.

Our sports project aims to promote values such as love and respect for nature and landscape, the promotion of territory and fun with the maximum possible security.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality service, tailored to the group and personalized, in order that all people can enjoy the adventure sports with the maximum satisfaction. We adapt the activities to all levels and ages, ofering the our best.

Bernat Mañós

Diplomated in physical-sport activities.
Mountain guide. TD2 Canyoning Guide.
Alpine Ski TD2.
Technical direction and coordination of activities at SB Canyoning.

Sandra Castiñeira

Bachelor in BBAA. Management of cultural enterprises.
Marketing and Communication Management.
Social Media Manager.
Management and Communication at SB Canyoning.


We are located in Seu d’Urgell, the capital of Alt Urgell, located between the Pyrenees and Prepyrenees. The city’s situation allows us to enjoy the practice of all kinds of mountain sports, from the wildest routes in the heart of the Pyrenees, to the gorges and ravines located around the Pre-Pyrenees. The geographical location of La Seu d’Urgell places it 30 minutes from the ski slopes of Andorra and the ski slopes of La Cerdanya.

Alt Urgell is a relatively unknown region that offers a great number of possibilities to enjoy nature, landscape and the practice of sport, but also of culture, since the Alt Urgell has an extensive Romanesque heritage  and the unique Romanesque cathedral of Santa Maria d’Urgell, at the Seu d’Urgell; and local cuisine, with several PDO products, especially cheese.