Water, fun and experiences

Stayed all friends, we went for a dip in the water, ate ice cream and at the end of the morning we expected a very good paella that we shared between laughter and jokes. Nothing worried us, not even the sun burns left us marked on the skin. We were free, we were only, we were together.

One day we wake up in the morning and find that everything has changed. It’s summer, the heat makes us stick to the skin sheets before we can get out of bed, the day begins at 7 as hot and we only have the strength to drag us to the shower to try to get us sweat the body, but still, it reappears just wiped us. Years have passed, the freedom that we enjoyed 15 years seems to have disappeared. Yes, it is summer at 7 we wake up every day to take the car and go to work. We spent eight hours routine, doing what we’ve done every day for the last time, doing things for which we have raised, or doing what we have had to do. Think what life was like before becoming adults, and feel nostalgia.

Maybe we will not be brave enough to make a decision and change our lifestyle, and we may actually okay. But occasionally we need to get out of our lives, to relive the past, to meet again with friends who know that they are in the same situation as us, so they invented the weekend, and holidays. Bored, tired of being locked up in an office, we know what we want. We want water, we want fun, we want to drive, we want activities, we want to meet with friends, and plunge again and again and again to make ice pans. We relive the summer, and we will do!