End of Canyoning season

The adventure of canyoning

A little over a year we launched this adventure with the first season of canyoning. We did it with fear, caution, but also with great enthusiasm and, eager to grow, learn and especially to share with all of you our passion for canyoning and mountain views.

This season has been full of new opportunities, it has been much better than we thought. We have been present in various events to promote our company, but above all, to promote a sport that is still unknown to many people. In addition we wanted to bring a new product or service in this region, which seems to want to start to become a place we know as tourism.

Many people who work every day to Alt Urgell can compete with neighboring regions are known for their range of sports, hospitality, gastronomy … We have nothing to envy our neighbors, here we have a land full magnificent corners where you can enjoy the mountains, nature, adventure sports, our cheeses and meats and our people.

It was a season full of surprises, we could see people everywhere, we had customers French, Belgians, English, Spanish, Catalan and Urgell, and we have been enjoying great satisfaction that all of them to live a new experience, who started happy and grateful to each of the activities. We are growing and we do it slowly and carefully, respectfully and firmly.

New perspectives

The canyoning season 2016 comes to an end, autumn brings new challenges and expectations. We offer new activities this winter, we want to continue bringing you to the world of mountain sports. Now we begin to prepare for the winter season where we will offer outings and ski lessons alpine skiing, snowshoe excursions, via ferrata and canyoning in hot springs.

Finally we want to thank all those who made and make SB Canyoning can continue working. Be sure to follow us through social media and our website. Hopefully this winter season can also be magic.